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About The Green Dragon Tavern

One of the oldest pubs in England, The Green Dragon has been serving some of the finest ales since c1371. Sharing the road with Wymondham’s beautiful Abbey, this street is a historic landmark.

Justin, our Landlord (but you can call him ‘Jut’) along with his team of wonderful wierdos and business partners Colin and Jill Tickle (yes Tickle) have built this into the highly lauded and award winning Green Dragon. We’ve always prided ourselves on being a part of the community and have raised nearly £30,000 for local charities. Our own Jut sacrificed an entire January of drinking for the Wymondham Royal Heritage Museum.

A customer once said “Justin and his team have breathed fire back into the Dragon”.

Come sit alongside our colourful regulars and try one of our ever changing real ales but if Ales aren’t quite to your fancy rest assured we have a selection of Lagers, Cider and plenty of the old Favourites, including the “Best Guiness in town”. Now, don’t be misled by the size of our bars (Hey, it’s what you do with them that counts.) We have an impressive array of specialty spirits like Gins, Rum, Whiskys as well as the usual suspects.

Grab a bite of our locally sourced homemade food, conjured up by our head chef Leesa, who’s been with us since the start. Using locally sourced ingredient’s our 5 star kitchen can cater for all dietary requirements with daily vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options from our Bar Menu & Specials Board.

From the outside, our little pub looks like just that – a little pub but with a access to a surprising amount of space, spread across four rooms we can easily accommodate for over 100 hungry souls inside. Our front room is delightfully cosy with a warm fire for those winter nights (you might even find some mulled drinks waiting for you), our secluded snug is perfect for small parties or personal hideaways and up into our modern (circa 1820) extension we have The Den that holds host to our many events, including Monthly Comedy Night, Open Mic Night, Ukulele Night(s), Running club, Rotary, Moya’s Gin and Rum club(s). Not forgetting our over 200 capacity beer garden where we have our renowned beer festivals as well as a growing list of musical and outdoor events.

These are all but mere words though so check out the rest of our website for more information on anything that Tickles (tee hee) your fancy or better yet, step back in time and soak up the atmosphere of this iconic and unique little pub. I assure you, you’ll want to come back.

Team Dragon